About Us

New Wave Dental is the number one source for email broadcasting to dental professionals. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well.

Established in 2000, by Andrea Niemiec and Dewey Perrigo with decades of collective and comprehensive dental sales and dental marketing knowledge and experience. Together they have generated more direct marketing leads than anyone else in the industry. 

"We offer an email broadcast service that is very low cost, and has the ability to generate a high return on investment.  We are able to provide a powerful alternative to traditional advertising," states Marie Randle, Sales Manager of New Wave Dental.

Email marketing has evolved into a vital part of the communications mix as it offers you new marketing flexibility with the greatest benefits being… * The speed in which you can communicate,  * Effective measurable results, * Low-cost method of building and maintain an ongoing interactive dialogue with dental professionals.

We utilize all the latest tools and email marketing techniques and tips to get your email noticed with optimum results.